The Client

I met David and Paula by chance, thanks to an old mutual acquaintance I had worked with in the past for a yoga-related project. They immediately told me their dream to rebrand their yoga business, to which they have been dedicating most of their lives and asked for my help in creating a new website that would showcase all their courses and Ayurvedic services.

What I have done

After identifying their goals and the way they wanted to interact with the public, I decided to present them with a virtual draft of the new website structure that would help to organise all the contents they had accumulated during their careers.

Once agreed on the basic structure of the website, I put my heart and soul into finalizing a design that would portray at best their personalities and the philosophy behind their business and live styles.

I also implemented their purchasing process in a way that would increase and facilitate the online sales of their products. In addition, we came up with a booking system for whoever wishes for a private consultation with Paula, Ayurveda expert.