the customer

Sergio Bertocco Gambi is a professional coach who helps people deal with moments of stress and life’s uncertainties, overcome them and achieve their goals. I always very gladly have a chat with Sergio and have personally tried his methods. The difference from others is that he is very direct and does not like to waste time. He is a very good listener and after listening to you he asks the right questions to make you reason and reach with your own strength the solution you were looking for.

To develop his project and find new clients Sergio needed a website to present his services and in this case I was able to help him.

what I did

The website is a classic showcase site, where we decided to clearly and directly expose who Sergio is and what he is about. The dark colors with orange standing out as the accent color reflect Sergio’s tastes.

The blog’s function is to give immediate suggestions to users who visit the website and help the website’s ranking on search engines.