the client

I met Achille and Christina, headmaster and headteacher respectively, thanks to my friend Corinne, who has for many years worked as an atelierista in this school. They wanted to modernize the old institutional website, without properly revolutionize the layout of their contents and the way they could be updated by any member of staff.

For this reason, I decided to continue using WordPress, which was already familiar to the teachers, as well as offering a detailed video tutorial on how to work their new website.

what I have done

My task has been rather linear: first I drafted a more modern and straightforward approach compared to the old website, giving lots of attention to the creative images made by the pupils. Secondly, I tried to mirror the philosophy of the school that puts the children and their different communication processes above all.

Finally, I re-uploaded all the old contents and found a way to display them in a simpler and neater way, to make the website more approachable to all kinds of parents, the target audience of the school. Without rearranging the structure too much, I inserted a section where parents can view the school schedule, the canteen menu, and the meetings and parents' evening held each month on the premises.

Moreover, I left the section dedicated to the staff unchanged, where I found that the idea of having each member of the school drawn by the children was already the best way to showcase the disposition of the school.