‘Dopo una lunga serie di pessime esperienze, lavorare con Carlo è stata una boccata d’aria fresca. Preciso, professionale e creativo il nostro sodalizio continua tutt’ora. Di veri professionisti ce ne sono pochi e lui è uno di questi.’

— Miss Sorry | Fotografa Professionista.


the client

Camilla aka Miss Sorry is a professional photographer specializing in erotic pop photography. For some years she had been working on the creation of a portal where she could sell her photo galleries and showcase her work. Her project aimed to create a community interested in her work and in the clearance of some taboos related to nudity to do so she needed a blog and a system to interact and receive feedback from her followers.

cosa ho fatto

So I created an e-commerce where we put Camilla’s photo galleries for sale, both in digital and download versions. The photo galleries are themed and portray one or more models, for this reason I have also created the model page, where the user can find out more information about the model, her social networks of reference and the photo galleries where she appears. In addition to this, I created a second ecommerce for Camilla for the sale of physical products.

For Iamnkd we have done a great job of testing and finishing to make the purchase of the galleries as clear and simple as possible, optimizing the various elements of the interface from time to time to make it easier to understand how they work.