the client

The foundation goal of Flymove Dianche is to update the way we see means of transports run by electricity, developing a new system that would reduce dramatically the waiting times needed to recharge the battery.

How? Building special service stations where you can exchange your empty battery for a fully charged one. For this reason, the company needed a total restyling of their website, that was originally quite disorganized and hard to understand. They wanted to find a better way to bring their avant-garde idea of smart mobility forward in the hope of catching the attention of potential new investors.

what I have done

I came in contact with the staff of Flymove thanks to Gianpaolo Sozza, a collaborator I sometimes work with as Web and Ux Designer. The client objective was to highlight Flymove's numerous action strategies: starting with the development stage of their project, centered around a smarter and more sustainable mean of transportation, to the production of their first models of hypercars, and much more.

To achieve this I decided to dedicate most of the space to the "smart mobility platform" side of the project, that lies at the heart of Flymove's objective. Doing so we devoted enough attention to showcase the innovative ideas of the company. Moreover, working with Gianpaolo, we were able to create a 3d model of the GT Cube, an electric hyper-car branded Flymove Dianchè.