the client

Egierre is a company based in San Vendemiano with a significant experience in providing wonderful hair care and grooming products. The company, under the guide of general manager Remo Celot and sales director Sara Gava, has been active in the field for over twenty years. This has gained their brand a notable fame, securing collaborations with big names such as Philip Martin's and Balmain.

Edgierre not only takes care of products sales and distribution but also provides training workshops to help the professionals in the field developing their own business.

what I have done

When I first met Remo he showed me the website he had himself developed a few years prior, aware that it was in need of an update.

After defining his goals and organizing the contents for their website, I presented them with a new dynamic platform where they could showcase their business and products to potential clients. I also designed a space where to insert the complete schedule of their workshops in a way to be easily and quickly accessible to everybody.