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the customer

I met Luca Vincitore, the founder of Deer Games Studio, by chance, proposing a graphic mockup for the website of his first game, Feralis. So after a short phone chat, he immediately invited me to the team’s Discord server where I also began to collaborate with the other members on the website. Since then I have been actively collaborating with the guys at Deer Games Studio both on matters related to the website but I also participate in game development and playtesting.

cosa ho fatto

In the early stages of designing the website, the priority was to highlight Feralis: Obscure Land, the competitive card game that Deer Games Studio was about to launch on Kickstarter. So I created a page that tells the lore behind the world of Feralis and highlights the beauty of the card illustrations that are part of the board game.

With the Kickstarter campaign successfully finished, we decided to focus on expanding the Lore section of the website that encapsulates all the stories set in the world of Feralis. The next step is to create an eCommerce for online sales of the games we will produce.