the client

Andrea Marchetto, 37, has always had an innate passion for drawing and,in general, for visual arts and has developed this love into a profession as 3d renderings designer. He contacted me to help updating his website and gaining a wider clientele.

This is how the project Creative Illusion was born, a platform where Andrea can upload all his designs and through which he can attract potential clients interested in his 3d models and environments.

what I have done

The heart of the project are his wonderful images, which lead me to the decision not to overcrowd the space with text and let the artworks speak for themselves.

His main goal was to have two distinctive main pages, one entirely dedicated to renderings and the other focused on 3d models. This way he could organize his visitors and find a common ground between the two advertising campaigns, deepening at the same time to the knowledge of his two different target audiences. Moreover, the website has the aim to show his potential clients the way Andrea works and convince them to use his services.