the client

Brand Italia is a company that is committed to bring the genuine and inimitable "made in Italy" to the United States. They don't consider themselves as mere exporters but also as true ambassadors of Italy's wine culture abroad.

Through years of experience Brand Italia has managed to create a solid bridge between the Italian tradition and the constant need of the American market to evolve. They only assess collaborations with companies that want to increase their influence in that specific field.

what have I done

This website was created with the help of the staff of Civinization, a company i find myself often associate with as a web designer. After seeing their draft, I came up with the idea of creating a single page website, easily browsed thanks to the menu that allows the viewer to jump directly to the section of interest.

The images and photographies have been chosen with special care to highlight the dual identity of the company made of the cultural traditions of their county of origin mixed with their commitment to the American market.