the client

Claudio Bof owns a furniture factory in Mareno di Piave, where he has started making home furnitures since the 50s.  Half way through 2019 Claudio decided to expand his business, opening a new store in Santa Lucia, where he offers complete furnishing deals.

When we met his goals were clear and concise: he needed a website that advertised his new store and through which increase his networking. He was looking for a space that would increase his clientele by showing his wide portfolio and giving visitor a quick way to book appointments and search for products.

what I have done

I dedicated the first stage of the project to research, willing to understand better the strategies of his competitors. This helped deciding what was the best way to present his online catalogue so that it would attract the right clientele and be at the same time simple but engaging.

We centred the focus around the images, keeping all descriptions very brief. This way, if something caught the attention of the potential client, they could contact the company directly using the link under each product, eventually creating engagement. Moreover, by signing up for the newsletter, the client has the option of downloading the catalogue so that it can also be browsed offline.