the client

Who in Italy does not know Avis, the Italian association of blood volunteers. I came into contact with the regional Avis of Veneto, thanks to the collaboration with Giampaolo Sozza and the collective of Universo Factory of which I belong and which allowed me to work on this great project.

The Avis Veneto website was quite dated. It had a large number of errors, speed, and page load issues. In addition, the design of the website was also beginning to suffer the weight of the years and in order to promote new initiatives and participate in the Google Ad Grants program, they absolutely had to redesign the website.

what I have done

For this project I collaborated with another member of the Universo Factory team, Claudia Bonazza who took care of organizing all the material of the old site and creating a graphic mockup to be submitted to the attention of the board of directors for approval.

Starting from the graphic draft provided, I used WordPress to develop the structure of the website, with all the pages and contents prepared, adapting the limits of this CMS from time to time to the layout decided by my colleague.