the client

The little potters of Scomigo are an association that aims to spread the passion for ceramic art. Its roots originate from the master Piero Marcon in the 50s who taught the current master potters a different approach to creativity. I got in touch with the association thanks to Sara Dall’Antonia a friend who has been part of the association for some time and with whom I collaborated for the creation of the website.

what have I done

We have chosen to use neutral colors similar to those of ceramic. The goal of the association is to increase the number of members, so we have decided to give greater importance to events, courses and days in which the association is open to guests. Furthermore, since the ceramists of the association have created many works for the territory, we have created an interactive map to show the path of ceramics, a path of 14 stages that leads to discover the town of Scomigo through the works of the potters.