the client

Maurizio Parolari, architect and head of the project, wished to upgrade his website that was quite dated both visually and on the level of performances.

His priority was to showcase his professional resume, made of numerous projects in each one of his areas of expertise: architecture, open competitions, design and engineering works

Doing so he wished to call attention to his architectural skills and present the many areas in which he operates.

what have I done

It was only thanks to Gianpaolo Sozza, project designer, that it was possible to bring this website to life. He took care of customers management and organized all the contents to be posted on the webspace.

During the drafting of the website structure, we came to the same conclusion that one of the most visually interesting aspects about Area Progetto compared to other architects' studios were the technical drawings handmade by Maurizio. For this reason, we decided to give these drawing ample space on the website homepage, selecting with care his more distinguishable projects and comparing them to the final design.

The final result not only showcases the technical skill of the architect but also gives space to the more creative aspects of the design process.