the client

Andrea Gottardi is a diverse photographer, as well as a passionate art lover. His interests concentrates above all towards paintings, to which he takes inspiration for creating his own projects. His collection Secret Stories is heavily influenced by paintings and he takes care of every minimal detail, from the setting to the creation of beautiful gowns with the help of seamstresses and costume designers.

Andrea was looking for a webspace in which to keep his photographs organized and that would allow him to independently handle updating new contents, taking to potential new clients, and promote new ventures.

what I have done

To give his wonderful pictures breathing space and to reflect his slightly gothic style, I chose to keep the layout imbued with darker tones, that nicely complements the blood-hues of his works.

His collection of Secret Stories are organised by category, highlighting his more ambitious projects.

We are currently evaluating opening a new space dedicated to the sale of some of his prints, to allow his followers to purchase one of his original artworks.