the customer

I met Davide De Stefani, the owner when I visited his shop as a client. After a few visits, we started chatting and decided to work together to give his business the best online platform that would convey the autenticity and style of his shop. Davide, in fact, wants to keep true to the standards of the old school barber. Among his services, he counts a wonderfully relaxing cut-and-shaving deal using a warm cloth that brings you straight back to the past. In addition, the clients can rely on the great attention he puts into sourcing his products and the wide range he has on offer.

what have I done

For desing his website I relied stronlgy on Davide's refined taste, chosing a layout that better portrayed his needs. The site highlights his services, the price list, the clients feedbacks and offers an easy way to book an appointment without having to call. In the future we hope to add and eCommerce where to purchase the hair and beard care products the shop has on offer.

For this project I pushed further, taking the pictures of the quaint interiors myself and editing together a short virtual tour of the shop, as well as a timelapse that shows a typical working day of a barber.